University of Iowa Strength & Conditioning - 2018 Sport Performance Assessment Clinic

Event Date(s):
Saturday, May 19, 2018 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Carver Hawkeye Arena
The registration period for this event has ended.
$65.00 per person

Sport Performance Assessment Clinic
Saturday, May 19th, 2018
6th - 12th Grade:  9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Location: Carver Hawkeye Arena / Weight Room and Practice Gym
Check-In: 30 minutes prior to camp
Eligibility: Open to any and all entrants, grades 6th – 12th
Cost: $65

Camp Description:

Join us for this great opportunity to measure your athletic potential, create a performance profile to provide coaches, compete with others, and guide the training prescription based on results. Have an experience like no other, training where the Hawkeyes train and utilizing the same technology as Iowa Hawkeye Student-athletes. Come back to future camps to track progress/development.


Bodyweight, Height, Wingspan, Reach

Strength – (Generating Force)
-Measure your strength relative to your bodyweight. Providing technical coaching, as well as education for ways to improve in this area.

Power – (Rate of Force Development)
-Measure your lower body power utilizing dual force plate technology (ForceDecks). Analyzed by jumping to see how quickly you can generate force, as well as identifying any left versus right leg asymmetries. This is helpful in determining if you need to spend more time training with single leg drills. As well as determine if you should spend more time on drills emphasizing strength, or on drills emphasizing power.

-Rotational Power is another component to Sport Performance measured electronically with an accelerometer-equipped medicine ball, great starting point for baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and track & field athletes.

-Are you in the 10ft club?  We will also test a max vertical jump from an approach utilizing the Vertec system.

Speed – (Your ability to accelerate and reach top speed in a straight line)
-The only true accurate measure is with a FreeLap electronic timing system.  Providing feedback/info/data on your ability to accelerate and reach top speed 0-30yd.  With educational component on sprint mechanics.

Change of Direction – (Your ability to accelerate, STOP!, and reaccelerate)
-Utilizing our FreeLap electronic timing system to show the ability to accelerate, decelerate and redirect your speed as quickly as possible.

Endurance – (Capacity to Work)
Utilizing The Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test is a test measuring an athlete's aerobic power and execution of changing direction.

After the completion of the clinic, you will receive your Athletic Resume via e-mail, which includes your scores and data along with where you excel and where improvement is needed.

For questions, please contact: Lindsay Dinkelman or Cody Roberts